Do you suffer from Fomo?

Fomo is the fear of missing out. Share your FOMO moments with us on Facebook. Take a look at the FOMO moments below, do any of these sound like you?
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Caroline G – FOMO Moment

Seeing my best friend off at the airport, had an exam the same day. I managed to make every green light and say goodbye.


Debbie O – FOMO Moment

Having a conversation in a public toilet cubicle with a stranger. They were actually on the phone, and not talking to me!


Alison W – FOMO Moment

Honeymoon on a tropical island, Sun sinking into the sea below. Going to reception check Facebook..Oh no, I have FOMO!


Helene M – FOMO Moment

I was scared of patting the Tigers in Thailand, everyone but me was down there. Suddenly I had a FOMO moment and raced down!


Jemina C – FOMO Moment

Once, when my phone was cut off because I forgot to pay the bill, I was without access to internet for 3 days! Every single day I would borrow friends phones so that I could check what was happening on Twitter, FB and Pinterest. I hated that I might be missing out on what my friends were doing or where they were andwho they were with!


Cindy P – FOMO Moment

I leave my phone on all through the night so I can hear any calls or msgs, it drives my BF nuts but at least I don’t miss out.