About us

U by Kotex® (UbK) is the leading feminine care brand in New Zealand. We are committed to providing innovative products for period protection that meet the needs of all women, producing a range of tampon, liner and pad products that provide reliable protection for women to confidently manage their period.

Our Mission

UbK is on a mission to remove the taboo attached to periods and reinforce they are healthy, natural and most importantly should never hold women back from achieving what they are capable of. Because periods are a regular part of life, UbK aspires to challenge any negative social perceptions or stereotypes that limit women because they have periods, because Period or not, she can.

We provide useful information on puberty and changes to the body through Our U by Kotex® Education Programme – which supplies puberty education packs to schools throughout New Zealand, providing a detailed resource on puberty and menstruation for teachers and female students.