U By Kotex Difference

When it comes to most fem care products and their wrapping, they’re usually boring to look at and annoying to use. So we’ve taken the crazy step of making our products easy to unwrap, less dullsville to look at, and easier to find in your bag.
U by Kotex tampons come in bright coloured wrappers that come off with one easy twist. Our equally colourful pad wrappers peel off the pad in one quick action, so no more annoying bits of paper. As for our liners, they’re individually wrapped in funky bright coloured pouches too.

No matter what time of the month it is, and no matter what you’re wearing, U by Kotex® has something that’s right for you. Whether you’re wearing your skinny jeans with a tampon / Ultrathin Pad, enjoying a stress-free night’s sleep with an overnight pad, or just enjoying everyday freshness with a liner, we’ll make sure your clothes are safe and your nether regions are fresh.

80 years! That’s how long we’ve been perfecting fem care in Australia (that’s heaps longer than anyone else).
Not only have we got to know quite a lot about what works best down there, we’re also constantly coming up with new ways to make our products even better. Take our Ultrathin Pad, for instance, it’s fast absorbing core and soft cover, will have even the most hardcore tampon-only devotees thinking twice.

Some brands treat periods as if they’re some sort of dull, clinical medical procedure of which we must never speak. While we’re not suggesting you should sing ’I’m having my period’ from the rooftops, we have chosen to be as confident and bold with our products as the girls using them.