U by Kotex Liners are perfect for daily freshness or back up protection to keep you covered.

With double all-round protective channels to keep in place, an absorbent core to help you feel dry plus breathable backing to allow air circulation, you'll feel fresh all month long.

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How to use Liners

Just like pads, liners are worn inside your undies and have an adhesive strip on the bottom to keep them in place.

Why some girls like using liners

Some girls like panty liners because they can pop them in their undies to avoid an accident if they know they’re getting their period soon. They’re also great if you just want a little extra protection while using tampons. U by Kotex® Liners are super-comfortable – you’ll barely notice you’re wearing one. And they cater for what you want to wear – use a liner on both normal undies and G-strings!

Panty liners can also come in handy if you experience vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge is normal – it happens to keep the vagina healthy. Any vaginal discharge that is not itchy, smelly or blood-stained is probably normal. A healthy discharge is usually whitish, and dries yellow on your undies. Not every girl will need to (or want to) use panty liners, but some girls prefer using them to protect their undies.

Changing your liner

How frequently you change your liner depends on why you’re using them – during your period as a back up, or for everyday protection and freshness. As a general rule though, liners should be changed about every four hours.

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Nude 30

Nude 30

Nude Liner is our thinnest liner, so thin and flexible – perfect for your favourite pair of undies or g-string.

Sport 30

Sport 30

Perfect for keeping dry while exercising with a sweat-dry core.

Designer Series protect 30

Designer Series protect 30

Ideal for tampon back-up or before and after your period. With colour designs on the actual liner.

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I use them every day, I can't live without them!

- Madison, 17 years old, Liners

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